EC – Annual Sociology Student Showcase

You are invited to attend the 10th Annual Sociology Student Research Showcase on Tuesday, May 2 in Rader 111 and starting at 5:00 pm. The students will present findings from their original research projects.

Pizza will be provided.

One thought on “EC – Annual Sociology Student Showcase”

  1. I went to the 10th annual sociology research show case. I didn’t get to stay for the entire thing because I had to go somewhere for a job. For the presentations I watched I actually liked a lot of gen where expressive and you could tell the individuals where passionate about their field. The one that I thought was interesting was the presentation about how sororities and fraternities is used for an expression of that persons culture. Most people look at it as a group to party and carry on but the presentation showed that it was more then that. They are groups used to express culture through symbolic interaction. All together everyone done a good job. -Todd B

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